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Hi, I’m Isabella.

An insight-driven designer focusing on brand and user experience.

My work


Designing For Organic Growth

More than ever brands need to build meaningful connection with consumers to see growth happen. The world is loud and saturated with products and competition. You don’t just want to jump in and yell louder, but understand yourself, your consumers, and create match made in heaven. No matter where you are as a brand, growth starts with knowing your consumers and building that meaningful connection. I can help you get started!

Altum Aviation Branding and Web Design

Brand Identity For A Government Aviation Company

Priority Air Ambulance Branding and Ecommerce Website

Designing a Brand and Digitizing a Service Model

KEA Branding and User Experience Strategy

Transforming a leading specialised aviation brand from the ground up!

KLAART Festival Web Design

September 1, 2020

Just Good Work Mobile App Branding

Branding Anti Modern Day Slavery Mobile App, Just Good Work

Yoganda Branding and Web Design

Brand identity for a yoga instructor based in Uganda

Chris Austria Brand Story Telling and Web Design

June 6, 2020

APEX Web Application Branding + UX/UI Design

Brand Identity, UX and UI Design for verification planning web application

Metajua Web and Mobile App Design

Designing the Future of Agri Supply Chain Traceability in Africa

This Is How You FlyUganda!

A fun, fresh and inclusive rebrand for a tourism charter provider.

Revolution Ice-cream Florida, Shopify Store

Taste The Rev!

Le Bougainviller Hotel Web Design

Brand Identity For A Government Aviation Company

Kazi Real Estate Group Corporate Identity

Branding High-end Real estate in Kampala


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