Renewing Uganda’s Oldest Tourism Airline Brand.

For over 15 years FlyUganda has been flying tourists to all major National Parks in Uganda. Over the past two years, the vision has evolved into becoming a low cost regional airline startign by lanuching scheduled flights in Uganda. As part of this evolution, I led the rebrand. Moving to a more modern, inclusive low cost airline.


Embrace The Past, Design The Future.

FlyUganda carried a strong history¬†of being an exclusive safari flights company and flying club. As we pivoted towards the new vision and strategised what a low cost regional airline would look and feel like we knew we should retain some elements of the past logotype and identity as we evolved. Pushing forward the owner wanted to get past the ‘typical safari company’ look.

FlyUganda Tail Wing In Hangar

Shaping the Visual Language

The key associations for this brand identity were inclusive, relaxing, safe and fun. Soft organic shapes, a cool pastel color palette, rounded fonts and use of illustration began to shape the visual language that we felt would attract the target customer – A regular international traveller.


Visualising the Flight Route and Destinations

A fun and exciting illustrated map was a great way to show the route for the first scheduled flight and be very visual about our communication strategy. I designed the first version of the map for the annual price book 2019-2020. This is the first of the many planned illustrations and infographics that will be used for communication.

FlyUganda Branding
FlyUganda Routes

How To Stand Out Of The Crowd

As we brainstormed brand positioning and carried out competitor studies it was apparent that there was an untapped opprotunity in position ourselves as an exciting, playful brand chasing adventure, yet remaining safe and professional – It is an airline after all! As a low cost carrier, it was important to look affordable and inclusive to the average international traveller – with a ‘no frills’ look and feel. The color palette was drawn from a combination of nature(Uganda) and giving our clients a refreshing new experience. We struck a balance between minimal clean design and playful inclusivity.

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