I designed this brand identity for Yoganda, a local yoga business based in Kampala, Uganda.

Target Group: Women in their 30’s – 80%, Men in their 60’s and teenage girls 20%.

The brand identity focussed on the female demographic that made up 90% of the target group.

Key words: Calm, Meditative, Inclusive, Fun, Connecting.

Yoganda Brand Identity Logo Design
Yoga Brand Identity
Funneling Insight into the Identity

Peaceful, accepting, meditative

To start off the design process I did the initial research aimed at understanding my client's expectations and ambitions, the target market and the brand story. I involved my client in exploring the initial concepts and sketches for the logo and graphic synthesis. We designed mood boards and explored a variety of sketches that began to lead us towards the desired direction and determined how we would position Yoganda in the market.
The branding aimed to balance inclusivity and accessibility with a sense of high quality and value.

Curating the brand story

A Thoughtful Leap

The key attributes of the brand that I worked to convey were; meditative, calming and connecting, while maintaining a bold and fun look and feel.
I took a leap away from classic yoga imagery and focusing more on conveying a persona that was bold and alive, yet mindful, connecting and grounding with a type-based logo and use of nature's elements. A visual expression that was in alignment with my client's values and aesthetic, balanced against the target customer's aspirations, expectations and demographics.

Matching client needs

Brand Implementation

I always aim to balance my client's actual needs with the practical implementation of the design or identity. We identified many opportunities to build stunning cross-platform communication and marketing; but for the start we measured her present needs and what they look like. We decided for a soft roll out of the re-brand, revealing it to her target market as she grew. It was not so much about a big step at marketing, but more of building a true connection with her target clients and having a true representation of herself.

Digital Marketing

Web Design and More Digital Templates

The digital campaign focused on designing a simple, on-brand, easy to navigate website, MailChimp templates for her monthly newsletters and a few other marketing templates as the need came.

Yoga Website Design